27560 Newhall Ranch Road Suite 311 Valencia, CA

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Yes, The First Two Rides at Cycleup are FREE!

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Rides DO NOT expire for one year

Drop in Ride $15
4 Ride-Pass $56 ($14 per)
10 Ride-Pass $130 ($13 per ride, 1 year expiration, $20 savings)
15 Ride-Pass $180 ($12 per ride, 1 year expiration, $45 savings)
25 Ride-Pass $275 ($11 per, 1 year expiration, $100 savings)

Use PROMO CODE New15 for $15 off of your first Ride-Pass.

special-tag2 Week Unlimited Ride-Pass $39 BUY NOW
New Riders - Expires 2 weeks from the date of purchase

special-tag Unlimited MonthlyBUY NOW

Unlimited Monthly Rides for $99 will automatically renew each month. NO CONTRACT, can cancel at any time.

Use one-time PROMO CODE New15 for $15 off your first month.

Email cycleupvalencia@yahoo.com to inquire about Personal Training, Corporate, Group or Event Rides

To Share Ride Pass Options, call or email the studio to link family members.