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Feel Happier in 15 minutes!

Happy in 15 minutes? Yes, it can be done!
Get up out of your chair right now and start with 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats, and 5 push-ups. Now do 15 jumping jacks, 15 squats,and 10 push-ups. Keep going with 20 jumping jacks, 20 squats, and 10 push-ups until you reach 15 minutes. Do you feel the euphoria? What a difference 15 minutes can make! I bet you feel happier even if you only did 5 minutes!

Research shows a direct link between exercise and happiness. People who exercise on a regular basis tend to be happier over the long term. Not only do you get an immediate boost of endorphins (AKA happy!), but exercise can make you feel happier for a year!

  • People who exercise are more resistant to diseases = happy
    • Exercise can increase antibodies of the immune system by 300%
  • Exercise increases serotonin levels and endorphins = happy
    • Exercise with a friend or music and you get an even bigger boost = more happy
    • Increase your exercise intensity and increase endorphin levels = more happy
  • Walk for 10 minutes and increase your energy for 2 hours after = happy
  • 30 minutes of exercise has been shown to improve sleep = happy
  • Grow new brain cells pivotal to memory with exercise  = happy
Cycle with great friends and great music at Cycleup and feel happier every day!

Heather Flebbe, M.S., ACSM holds her Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology and is a lecturer at California State University, Los Angeles. Heather also presents for the American College of Sports Medicine certification workshops. She may be reached at fastbikermom@gmail.com.