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I was in Starbuck’s recently and a young man in a suit caught my eye. His eyes were so wide and bright, his smile from ear to ear, his posture so upright. He could barely contain his excitement for what lies ahead. He was obviously fresh out of college and on an important job interview. He was effusing his positive attributes and his ambitious outlook on life and his career. I watched his enthusiasm with wonderment. I remembered those moments when I was that bright-eyed young adult ready to take on the world. In those moments, I felt like life was just about to begin and anything was possible. Only executive titles, riches and nice houses, cars, and vacations and happiness were in store for us as college graduates.

And I thought as I watched this young man…when did we lose that enthusiasm, that optimism, that hope for an amazing future? I thought…well, life is hard and this boy doesn’t even realize it yet. But yes, life IS hard. Life’s obstacles can beat us down. OR, they can make us stronger! 

What if we tackled life’s obstacles like we tackle those famous mud run or Spartan Race obstacles? There is no way we are going to let those obstacles get us down? What if we tackled life’s obstacles like we tackle every Cycle class? There is no way anyone is passing you on that leaderboard!

There is that moment in your cycle class when you feel like you can do anything, that no obstacle is too hard for you, and the struggles of life disappear. What about when you want to scream out with excitement because you passed someone on the leaderboard after killing yourself to catch up to them? YOU did that! YOU persisted and pushed. YOU overcame that obstacle. Walking out of that room, you know you can overcome anything life throws at you. That is the power of Cycleup! For those 45 minutes, you have become that young man/woman fresh out of college. You are optimistic about change and the world is yours for the taking!

Confidence is to be gained in each cycle class and with each revolution. Confident people say, “I CAN!” This thought then turns in ACTION. They think they can and they do! 

Self-efficacy is the strength of one’s belief in one’s own ability to complete tasks and reach goals. Self-efficacy directly relates to how long someone will stick to a diet or workout regimen, or even whether someone might reach the top of the leaderboard. With each Cycleup class, you build your self-efficacy. At Cycleup, you will not only change your health and build incredible fitness, but you may even change the direction of your life and tackle challenges you never thought you could. Give it a test and just see what this newfound confidence and self-efficacy does for you!

What can you say I CAN to this week? I CAN…

  • ·      Get up and try a 5:15am class before work
  • ·      Cycle at Cycleup 3 times this week
  • ·      Hold 100 rpm at Gear 4 for a complete minute
  • ·      Hit 200W (300W, or 400W) power output
  • ·      Drink water instead of soda or juice
  • ·      Take my family on a bike ride to Concert in the Parks instead of driving
  • ·      Try a healthy recipe for dinner this week
  • ·      Ride my bike to work
  • ·      Walk during my lunch break
  • ·      Go out for a job interview that I haven’t been confident enough to apply for
  • ·      Hike the big loop at Towsley Canyon
  • ·      Say no to some things in my life that are causing me stress
  • ·      Sign up for the Santa Clarita Marathon/Half-Marthon/5K
  • ·      Sign up for a Spartan Race
  • ·      Sign up for the Castaic Triathlon

New Team training groups will be forming soon. If you are interested in training for an event, please contact Heather Flebbe at fastbikermom@gmail.com.


Heather Flebbe, M.S., ACSM holds her Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology and is a lecturer at California State University, Los Angeles. Heather also presents for the American College of Sports Medicine certification workshops. She may be reached at fastbikermom@gmail.com.