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This class is taught by:

Mark Overdevest

Meet the newest member to the Cycleup Team. Mark has been teaching Physical Education for over 20 years in the Santa Clarita Valley. Mark has been instructing Cycle for about a year, and has been an avid cyclist for 25 years both on the road and in the dirt.

Mark loves to ski, snowboard, scuba dive, wake board and slalom water ski, anything that is outdoors and off the couch.

Mark has been riding off and on at Cycleup since we opened 3 years ago and is super excited to have an opportunity to lead a class at Santa Clarita's Premier Indoor Cycling Studio.

Jackie Tallarido

Jackie is a great fit on the Cycleup Team. Her passion for indoor cycle was born from her personal struggle with weight and finding the courage to transform her life. Urged by a friend to try indoor cycle, Jackie was instantly hooked on the new found feeling of pride and confidence. Committed to fitness and making a lasting change, Jackie has shed over 120 pounds. 
Jackie is Schwinn certified and has been motivating others through her own experience for over two years. Find your inner BEAST and enjoy her playlists including hip-hop, pop, EDM, rock and throwback tunes. By putting 100% into every workout and believing in yourself, you will achieve more than you ever dreamed possible!

Alex Holguin

Alex joined the Cycleup team this year. He is well known in the studio as being "The Legend." Alex is a strong rider and competitor on the bike and inspires everyone to bring out their own inner beast.  He began his journey taking cycling classes, grew to love it and had a desire to inspire others so he became Schwinn certified. 
Alex has a degree in culinary arts so he knows his way around a healthy kitchen. Using healthy cooking and taking cycle classes at Cycleup has helped him lose 40 pounds. He looks forward to helping others come up with fresh ideas to maintain their healthy lifestyles.  
Alex loves pop, hip-hop, techno, remixes and all high energy songs. Alex loves helping riders push limits while having fun doing it! His motto through life is if you believe it you can achieve it!

Meredith Danford

Meredith loves being on the Cycleup Team. She relocated to California a few years ago, and has made Santa Clarita her home.
Meredith has been an athlete all her life, competing in soccer, track, cross-country and golf. She also has some experience in combat fighting, so don't let her sweet demeanor fool you! 
Meredith fell in love with indoor cycling and is passionate about what cycling has done for her and she loves to give back as an Instructor! She is committed to helping others believe in themselves and helping others achieve their fitness goals. Meredith says, "We are all worthy of success in whatever we put our minds to and my philosophy is to leave your ego at the door, gain strength from within and enjoy the ride." Get in a class with Meredith and let the achievement begin.

Joel Gunterman

Joel is the the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach and Athletic Coordinator at Los Angeles Mission College.

Joel began teaching cycling classes while earning his Master Degree in Sports Administration at Valparaiso University. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Sports Medicine from Kansas Wesleyan University where he earned All-America Honors for Soccer. He also studied Strength and Conditioning for 4 years under Master Strength Coach and Cycleup instructor Robert dos Remedios.

Joel loves being able to push people to a limit they didn't know they could go. One of the best things in life is to be able to show someone their growth and stronger self. Joel's class style is to push your fitness to the tempo of the music and ROCK YOUR WATTS OFF! 

Wendell Mitchell

Wendell has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years now and loves it! He says that if he won the Lotto tomorrow, he would still be teaching! He took his first indoor cycling class 10 years ago and was hooked! He instantly fell in love with the combination of high energy, intense workouts put to great music. In 2010, he decided to get certified by Scwhinn to become an instructor!
Wendell prides himself on giving some of the most intensely motivating, inspirational and fun indoor cycling experiences you will ever find. He makes it his mission to make sure that EVERY rider leaves his class feeling accomplishment, achievement and success.
You're sure to hear a great playlist, which often includes Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, and R&B. Wendell believes that every individual has a championship level athlete inside of them that is dying to get out and shine! So he hopes to see you shining on a bike soon!

Heather Flebbe

Heather Flebbe is the Director of Instructor Services Marketing at Cycleup. Heather is the "creative" behind the Cycleup Events and Programs.  Heather has her Master's Degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology and is a Lecturer at California State University, Los Angeles. She has been a performance coach, group exercise instructor and personal trainer for 20 years. She is also a presenter for the American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer workshops.
Heather is a passionate and motivating leader who is committed to bringing out the athlete in everyone! As an expert Mountain Bike athlete and Professional Adventure Race athlete, cycling has long been Heather's strength and passion. You are sure to sweat and strengthen your ride in Heather's class!!

This 45 minute ride incorporates our PIQ performance software. Improve your strength and cardiovascular endurance a fun and inspirational environment. All levels are welcome as each rider is in control of their bike. Our instructors will guide you through the class according to your fitness level and inspire you to come back again.

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